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Meet Decathlon's Cardio Fitness, Yoga and Pilates Brand: Domyos

Domyos provides technical and affordable equipment for fitness enthusiasts regardless of experience level.
Meet Decathlon's Cardio Fitness, Yoga and Pilates Brand: Domyos

In 1998, Decathlon recognized the need to create a specific line tailored for health and wellness goals. That’s when Domyos, our fitness brand, was born - made to fulfil the body and soul.

Meaning "the way of the heart and muscle," the 'do' is the way and 'myos' is the 'heart and muscle'.

Domyos provides technical but also affordable equipment for fitness enthusiasts regardless of experience level. Whether we’re accompanying you on your heart-pumping cardio workout or flowing through vinyasa with you, our hope is to provide the best equipment and gear for optimal performance. By matching you with quality, affordable gear that is built to last, we encourage you to explore new avenues throughout your fitness journey. 

We place you, our user, at the core of our product evolution. Our product teams, engineers, and designers live and breathe fitness as much as you do, studying each type of fitness group to identify the solutions users desire most.

Yogi experts research modern trends in yoga to create collections around the needs of other yogis while retaining the original values of yoga practice. Our cardio enthusiasts determine what you need to make your workout more enjoyable and impactful. Pilates masters carefully examine pilates methods, catering future lines toward existing demands and optimizing products for better performance. With your feedback and participation, Domyos can continue to innovate for the future, both in product availability and price. We create products to fit the lifestyle you practice or always wanted. Our expansive areas of expertise include:

Fitness Studio & Cardio Training

Any type of cardio from group classes such as cycling and kickboxing to Zumba. Lightweight and resistance training are integral in cardio fitness for maximum results. 

Bodybuilding / Cross-Training

Strength training and functional training is another focus area for us, whether you’re doing bench presses or lifting heavy weights to build muscle mass. TRX training is a popular method these days as well for those looking for that extra push.

Get to know our revolutionary push-up wheel, dynamic in capabilities designed with an ergonomic grip to train your body for core, ab, oblique and push up exercises. 


Combat Sports

We can’t get enough uppercuts, jabs, and punches with combat sports. Boxing, karate and martial arts are known for their self-defence mechanics, but they also serve as great forms of exercise.


A celebrated activity by many cultures and individuals, we love that dance is a free, expressive sport enjoyed by many. You may be swinging through jazz, moving to hip hop, gracefully swaying through the ballroom, or pas de bourrée’ ing in ballet, but nonetheless, dance is a celebrated sport we cherish and admire.


An ancient practice originated in India, yoga has taken many diverse forms. We create apparel and accessories built for beginners, experienced yogis, acro yogis and Bikram yoga - all different styles that fit your practice.

Yoga is one of the most flexible sports in terms of mobility and accessibility, requiring just comfortable attire, a mat and proper technique. Bring your mat wherever you want to go with our yoga mat bag, an amazing value for design and quality.


Equipment inspired by traditional Pilates methods and designed for the dynamic forms of pilates, including pilates on the mat and for reformers. The pilates team specifically focuses on how to rehabilitate the body, reflecting Joseph Pilates original form and ideology around physical therapy and nurturing an injured body. One of Domyos's innovations is the Stable Anti-burst Swill Ball that stays in place.




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