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Do Kayaks Come with Paddles?

We explore some of the important things you need to know about paddles and which one you should be using to make your next paddle purchase less of an oar deal. 

Do Kayaks Come with Paddles?

People new to kayaking may be surprised to discover that their brand spanking new kayak does not already come equipped with such an item as essential as a paddle. Some may even feel a little swindled by this seemingly sinister act. But, there actually is a logical reason for why these babies are sold separately.

In this article, we’re going to explore some of the important things you need to know about paddles and which one you should be using to make your next paddle purchase less of an oar deal.

Let’s jump straight into this!

Size & Shape

There is an old saying that “size and shape does not matter, and it is how you use it that counts”. Well, in this context, those people are one twist short of a slinky. Because when it comes to having a good time in the water, the size and shape of your paddle really does matter and affects your kayak’s overall performance.

Now when it comes to paddle blades, some are long and thin while others are shorter and wider.

For your casual or long-distance paddling, you will want to grab yourself a nice long thin blade. For your more aggressive paddling, a short and wider blade is ideal.

When it comes to size, those folk on the smaller side should opt for a smaller paddle, while those on the larger size should opt for a larger paddle. For instance, if you are a big old fella and you are interested in giving stand up kayaking a whirl, then you should consider our ITIWIT 500 Stand Up Paddle Adjustable Carbon Fiberglass Shraft 170-210 CM-L. However, if you are unsure where you fit in the size spectrum, then we suggest you opt for our ITIWIT X500 Adjustable 2-Piece Split Kayak Paddle 210-220cm for sit down kayaking.


The next important thing you need to consider is the length of your paddle. There are several variables you need to consider when looking at length. The wider your kayak is, the longer paddle you are going to need to effectively reach the water. Recreational sit on top and sit inside kayaks are the widest kayaks on the market because they are designed to be stable. This means you will typically need a longer paddle than you would for touring, or sea kayaks which are much narrower because they are designed for speed rather than stability. Take for instance the difference in width between our ITIWIT 1-2 Person Inflatable Cruising Kayak and our ITIWIT Strenfit X500 Inflatable 1-Person Kayak.

Take Away

When it comes to choosing the right paddle for your needs, the size, shape and length all play an important role in your overall performance in the water. And this in turn is decided by your overall size and chosen activity in your kayak.

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