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How to Choose Your Kids' Scooter?

Follow our expert's advice to help you select the best scooter for your child.

How to Choose Your Kids' Scooter?

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Our Urban Sports brand offers expert advice for your sporting practice.

1. Their Age

Oxelo offers four kinds of freestyle scooter to suit different ages:

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Kids Between 2 And 4

They can't yet keep their balance very well when walking, so a three-wheeled scooter is best.

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Kids Aged Between 4 And 6

They're still learning to balance but can start thinking about two-wheeled models.

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Kids Between 6 And 12

They'll want to use their scooter to play in parks, around the neighbourhood, and for short trips. Choose a medium size scooter.

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Kids Over 7

Your child will be wanting a scooter that they can have fun with and easily get around town on, as well as get to school and/or go on medium distance rides (up to 2 km). In that case, choose a scooter with large wheels that are more hardy.

2. The Type Of Surface
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Think about the type of ground that you're child will be riding on. If it's irregular or rugged, choose a model that has suspension, especially at the front, and ergonomic handles to dampen vibrations in the legs and the arms.

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