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How to Fold a Pop Up Tent

Not much needs to be said in the way of installing a pop up tent but when it comes to folding, well… that is an entirely different matter. But once you know how it’s done, you’ll never look back.

How to Fold a Pop Up Tent

If you’re somebody who loves exploring the great outdoors a fair bit then you will know all too well the hassle of unpacking and packing away your camping gear. Especially the tent.

This is where pop up tents come into play, they spring up into existence the moment you need them. Which is actually pretty great if you are knackered after a big day out on the road.

Not much needs to be said in the way of installing a pop up tent but when it comes to folding, well…that is an entirely different matter. But once you know how it’s done; you’ll never look back.

For this article, we'll explain in easy step by step instructions on how to fold away your pop up tent and also a few other tidbits you may want to know about.


Pop up tents are pretty great, especially for those who do not consider themselves camping extraordinaires. They pop up in a matter of seconds depending on the make and model and you generally do not need a carry a bucket full of extra gear.

So, let us say you’ve had a bonza day out but now it’s time to pack up your amazing 2 Seconds Pop Up Fresh & Black Camping Tent and move along. You can fold your pop up in five easy steps.

Step 1

Before you can begin folding your tent, ensure that all dirt and items are removed. Then begin the folding process by removing any pegs you may have in the ground.

Step 2

Once your tent is unpegged you will want to hold the two top poles and fold them towards each other so that they fold into the middle.

(Note: Keep in mind that you will want the door opening to remain open, so that any trapped air can come out)

Step 3

Next, grab the bottom two poles and also fold them towards each other so that they also meet in the middle. By this stage, your pop up tent should resemble a giant taco.

Step 4

Once you have your tent in the shape of a taco, grab the poles at the top and fold towards. If you have done this correctly, you will notice that you have two circles (imagine a figure 8 shape).

Step 5

Lastly, slide the two circles together so that they sit neatly over top of one another and Bob's your uncle. You have now successfully folded a pop up tent. Time to grab a cuppa and relax.

But which pop up Tent should I buy?

Great question! There are in fact a few things you will want to keep in mind before purchasing a pop up tent, such as:

  • Purpose – As in, what is the intended use? Family use, beach use, single person in the middle of the outback pretending to be an Aussie Indiana Jones use?
  • Weather Resistance – Given the sometimes unpredictable weather in Australia, you will want a decent pop up tent capable of being both water resistant but cooling at the same time. Luckily for you, we have you covered as all of our pop ups are water, wind and heat resistant.
  • Portability – One neat advantage of your pop up tents is that they are indeed fairly light. So, you can move them from site to site without too much issue. Some are even small enough to simply pop in the back of your backpack.
  • Ease of Setting Up – All the more reason to grab a pop up tent. Setting up a tent can be time consuming and frustrating for the unseasoned or last minute ill-prepared camper.

Extra tips

Location, location, location - While setting up your pop up tent is easy peasy lemon squeezy, you will still want to ensure you are installing your tent on the appropriate ground. And by appropriate, we mean a surface that is devoid of the following:

  • Ants nest/animal burrows
  • Remove rocks and sticks (nothing nice about getting poked in your sleep)
  • Ensure surface is dry and clear of any sharp items
  • Ensure you have not set up your tent under any ominous looking trees (you do not want to any branches falling down on you in the middle of the night)


All in all, pop up tents are a great option for those who are after a simpler, more affordable short term option to the traditional camping tents. They are ideal for beach trips, summer camping, kids, and festivals. Lightweight and easy to move from one place to another!

Ready to get your own pop up tent? Explore our range of tents here.

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