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How to Kayak

Kayaking is great fun and a great workout for all ages and abilities. If you're keen as mustard to give it a whirl, this one's for you!

How to Kayak


Adjusting your position in the kayak is one of the first things you will want to do before kayaking. After all, a well-adjusted kayak will be far more stable and comfortable to paddle in.

Now we aren’t going to lie to you here...everybody looks like a bit of a drongo on their first time mounting on of these bad boys, especially if you are already on the water. So, we highly recommend making all your necessary adjustments while sitting on dry land.

  • Scooch your buttocks against the seatback – You will want to find a comfortable position so that you are able to sit upright.
  • Adjust your footrest so that the balls of your feet are on the footpegs, then see if you can bend your knees – If you are planning on sharing your kayak with others, you will also want them to adjust their footrest. If, however, playing footsies with your mate isn’t your cup of tea, then you can always go solo and grab yourselves one of our ITIWIT Inflatable 1-Person Kayaks. Note: not all kayaks require footing adjustments.
  • Bent knees are firmly touching either side of your cockpit – Snug enough so you feel in control of your craft, but not so snug that you are unable to get out. Remember, we want to enjoy ourselves here!


Launching your kayak can be a relatively easy affair so long as you take care.

  • Ideally launch from a gradually sloping shoreline
  • Avoid dragging the hull
  • Place paddle under the deck line in front of the cockpit while the shaft is facing sideways
  • Stand over kayak and commence straddling the cockpit
  • Grab cockpit firmly and begin to set your buttocks on the seat, then like an elegant swan simply lift your legs and slide your feet into the cockpit
  • Once seated, grab your paddle, and use it to leverage your kayak past those incoming waves.

For easy dismount, simply paddle up into your launch position and follow the above steps in reverse. And Bob’s your uncle, you have now learnt to kayak!

You are welcome.

Remember safety is paramount. Always remember to wear your lifejacket. We recommend the ITIWIT BA Kayak/SUP/Dinghy Buoyancy Aid (50N+) because it comes in two amazing colours and you know, it saves your life.

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