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Is Kayaking a Good Workout?

If you’re looking for a way to keep fit and healthy but high-impact, intense exercise isn’t your thing - we’ve got great news for you.

Is Kayaking a Good Workout?

If you’re looking for a way to keep fit and healthy but high-impact, intense exercise isn’t your thing - we’ve got great news for you.

Kayaking is a low impact activity with numerous health benefits attached, as well as the added pleasure of being out on Australia’s beautiful waters.

  • Improves aerobic fitness, strength, and flexibility
  • Improves cardiovascular fitness
  • Improves muscle strength in your back, arm, shoulders, and chest
  • Increases torso and leg strength
  • Reduces risk of wear and tear on joints and tissues
It’s for everyone

Even if you do not consider yourself to be a particularly fit individual, paddling is great for most anybody from kids to oldies, of any fitness level. Whether you consider yourself to be a bit of a speed demon or just looking for that low-impact routine, you will find the right kayak can accommodate just about anyone, even your dog. For the movers and shakers out there, you simply cannot go past our Inflatable 1-Person Kayak. This bad boy is built for speed.

But wait, there’s more!

Aside from the schmicko physical benefits of kayaking, getting out on the water and surrounding yourself with all that stunning Australian scenery is also great for the soul and a way to de-stress and meet new mates. In fact, experts believe that being exposed to nature evokes positive emotions and strengthens individual resilience. It also has positive impacts on your concentration, learning, critical thinking capacity, problem-solving skills and creativity.

So, what are you waiting for? Best run down to your local Decathlon store and pick yourself up a kayak and start heading out into the vast beyond.

Before Hitting the Water

To make the most of your exercise, always remember these fitness and health tips

  • Stay well hydrated - Before, during and after your exercise
  • Stretch before and after – Just like any other exercise, it is important to give yourself a good stretch out before and after to help prepare and relax your muscles
  • Sunscreen – Slip, Slop, Slap! You want to spend time with the lobsters, not come back looking like one
  • Always wear a Life Jacket – Life jackets save lives
The takeaway

Kayaking is a wonderful activity and has many positive health benefits such as an overall improved cardiovascular fitness, increased muscle strength and reduced risk of wear-and-tear on joints given that it is a low impact activity. But with any activity that involves being on the water, we always recommend you go with a friend.

Ready to get started? Head to our kayaking page and begin your adventure!

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