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100 Women's Fitness Cardio Training Shoes - Black/Pink

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A photo of the 100 Women's Fitness Cardio Training Shoes - Black/Pink in use

100 Women's Fitness Cardio Training Shoes - Black/Pink
For starting or getting back into fitness workouts.

The women's 100 cardio fitness shoes have grooves at the front of the foot to promote natural foot movement and changes of direction.

Wide ranging flexibility

Grooves in the forefoot to help you change direction


Adjustable straps ensuring forefoot support for lateral movements


The sole's density absorbs impacts to protect your body when jumping


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22 Reviews
Write review 100 Women's Fitness Cardio Training Shoes - Black/Pink
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Hard Shoe

I know it's cheap, so I didn't expect a miracle. Just the facts: it is hard; there's not much cushion. I use for short sessions at home only. Good grip.


Hi B,

Thank you for taking the time to write a review on the  100 Women's Fitness Cardio Training shoes. I am glad that this product has been working well for you and that you love it.

At Decathlon, our mission is to make sports accessible for the many. It is our responsibility to ensure that our products are made to satisfy our users. 

Just for your future reference, our Fitness shoes may differ a little comparing to the Running shoes as our Fitness shoes provide better mobility for all rotational directions. However, our Running shoes are designed to provide cushioning for forward and backward movement. I hope you have gotten the right pair of shoes for your home workouts!

Your feedback matters as it allows us to further understand how you use our products and services and how we can better improve to serve you better.

Feel free to write a review on other Decathlon products and I hope to see you in our store soon!

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...

Firman :)

Omnichannel Sports Advisor (TRG)


Like the product

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Perfect Fit

Fits perfectly, lightweight, cute and stylish. Great for casual wear, walking/jogging. Love this product. :)

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Very bad - Not comfortable

Hi....there is an issue in the left shoes, whenever I wear them and start my exercise in the gym, my last finger in the feet hurts massively and now I have started getting corn too on my last finger

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Worth for money

I felt happy with this product.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Not comfortable

This shoes gave me shoe bites the first day I wore it.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase

Hi Pallavi, 


Firstly, I would like to thank you for taking the time to write a review of our product. It is constant reviews, that we can improve our products and cater to your needs more. 


I am so sorry that you had an unpleasant experience with our Fitness 100 Shoe. Our beginner shoes are designed for users involved in a short duration of cardio exercises. 

As I can understand that your disappointment with the product quality therefore, I invite you to please head down to any of our stores for an exchange or a refund, anytime you are available. We have 70 Decathlon stores situated in all major cities across India. 


If you are a regular practitioner, I would also recommend trying the 500 Fitness shoe as it comes with better cushioning for a longer duration of practice :) I have added a web link here for convenience:

I shall also recommend you to use cardio fitness shoes with breathable lightweight socks to avoid shoe bites.


If you require more assistance, you may contact us directly at I would be eager to hear more feedback about our cardio range. 


Thank you, once again, Pallavi! Hope to see you in one of our stores soon!

Enjoy your sport

Sayanava Dutta

Omni Merchandiser

DOMYOS, Fitness Cardio


It's been a month since I have been using the cardio shoe. I put them on, walk for 30mins and then do some cardio and dance exercises. So it bodes pretty well for me.

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DOMYOS 100 Women's Fitness Cardio Training Shoes

I bought this of urgent use. Price reasonable and shoe weight is light. Like the pink color goes well with the black.

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Hi Mandy, 

thank you for the great review! Please do continue to write reviews on different products, to help us understand your needs and thus, improve on our product range :) 

I completely agree with you! These shoes are really light and breathable :) It's sole is designed to allow you to move in different directions, without the risk of injury. If you would like to get a more techincal shoe in the future, I'd highly recommend the Fitness Shoe 500. It's multi-directional flexibility and snug forefoot fit, allows for more comfort and support during more intense workouts! Also, I love the baby pink and white colour combination :) 

Here is the web link for convenience:   

Hope to see you soon!

Enjoy your sport
Meelen Sidhu
Sport leader
Very comfortable n totally worth it

Good one

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Excellent cardio shoes

I recommend this product it's light weight and comfy. Amazing while doing cardio give full rest go feet

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Good and comfortable

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very good

very good

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Very comfortable for active and fast movements

I bought these for my Zumba classes after I realised using running shoes is not that comfortable. I would saw these are very comfortable for active and fast movements. These are light in weight too..

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Good shoes at great price


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Product information


Upper of

  • 80% Polyester
  • 20% Polyurethane

Outer sole of

  • 30% Rubber - Synthetic
  • 70% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

Lining and sock of

  • 100% Polyester

Why wear fitness shoes?

Studies carried out at our Sportslab have shown that fitness and other sports involve a whole host of different movements. Movements such as twists, skaters, tuck jumps, squats and lunges all come into play. Unlike running, which uses mainly linear movements, fitness activities involve hardly any linear movements. Our shoes are all designed to help you perform these movements without the risk of getting injured.

Doing fitness in running shoes (or vice versa) isn't a good idea

Wearing suitable shoes for fitness reduces the risk of injury by 20% compared with people who wear running shoes.But why? Our research and development lab has demonstrated specific ways that the foot moves in different sports: a straight stride when running, versus rotations during fitness activities. Wearing the right kind of shoes for your sports activity protects your feet and boosts your performance!

Drop: height difference between the front and back of your foot

All of our fitness shoes have a 4 mm drop. The feeling you get with this 4 mm drop is closer to that of your natural foot position (barefoot = no drop). It's important to bear in mind that, if you're used to wearing shoes with too much drop, such as high heels, it will take some time to get used to your new shoes.

Multi-directional flexibility

The multi-directional flexibility refers to how well a shoe flexes and twists to support direction changes.Studies have shown that we need 1.7 times more flex and extension during fitness activities than during running. The ankle's movement also varies depending on the kind of fitness or running you do. That's why we've created multi-directional shoes specifically for fitness.

Forefoot support

Why is it important? Good forefoot support - a must for fitness - helps you stay balanced when you go to change direction.

Forefoot cushioning

The cushioning is the ability of the shoe to cushion impacts and dampen vibrations.The main point of impact between the foot and the floor during fitness activities is at the forefoot, whereas for running the impact is at the heel. We design our shoes with excellent cushioning at the forefoot to protect your body from repeated impacts while also stabilising your supporting leg to help you string movements together more smoothly.

Grip and rotation

This model's grip lets you change direction quickly and easily, while the pivot zone has less grip so you can turn and spin easily without pressuring your joints.Finding a balance between these two needs is therefore essential. A combination of sensory, mechanical and biomechanical tests has allowed us to determine the right level of grip and which part of your foot is in contact with the floor as you pivot.

How do we prove it? product test

In our labs, our researchers analyse movements using sensors that precisely measure the human body's reactions. But because nothing is as good as tried and tested experience, we've also tested our products in gyms where they'll actually be used. We use these tests to create technical and affordable products to keep you doing sport safely and comfortably.

The bonus is no marks on the floor

Our sole has been designed to leave no marks on the floor.

Can you run on a treadmill wearing fitness shoes?

Our fitness shoes have been specially designed for cardio fitness. They are also suitable for limited running on a treadmill.If you want to warm up/cool down before/after a session on a treadmill, these shoes are just what you need.However if your sole exercise is running on a treadmill or outdoors, for safety reasons it is highly recommended that you wear shoes designed for running.

Are fitness shoes for indoor use only?

Cardio fitness is mainly done in gyms and/or at home. Our shoes have been designed for indoor use. The rubber is specially suited for indoor use as it is softer. Wearing these shoes outdoors on tarmac will cause premature wear to the rubber. The grip of our soles is tested based on the floors used in gyms or in your home, and rubber is designed to be more grippy when used in these places.

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