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Air Seconds 5.2 Fresh & Black Inflatable Camping Tent - 5 Person

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Air Seconds 5.2 Fresh & Black Inflatable Camping Tent - 5 Person
Our team of camping enthusiasts designed this inflatable Air Seconds 5.2 F&B tent for five campers looking for two separate bedrooms and a spacious living area.

Our motivation? To design an inflatable tent that is very easy to pitch and equipped with FRESH& BLACK technology. Less heat and light in your tent, so you can decide when to wake up!

A photo of the Air Seconds 5.2 Fresh & Black Inflatable Camping Tent - 5 Person in use


2 inner tubes: 210x210 cm - 140x210 cm | Standing area: 8 m² | Basin groundsheet

Easy assembly / dismantling

Very quick to pitch: all-in-one inflatable structure and pre-mounted rooms

Heat reduction

Fresh fabric: reduces heat inside your tent in the sun


Black fabric: guarantees 99% darkness in your rooms


Tropical rain laboratory test | Under shower: 200 mm of water per hour per sqm


Withstands force 7 winds - around 60 km/h | Wind tunnel test

Easy transport

Rectangular cover | 85 x 35 x 35 cm | 104 litres | 20 kg


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20 Reviews
Write review Air Seconds 5.2 Fresh & Black Inflatable Camping Tent -  5 Person
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So good!! I want to go camping again..

My bub had his afternoon naps in this tent. Its was so cool and airy. Need I say anymore??

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Hardened Camper

I bought this tent for myself (33 year old mum) and my 2 kids aged 9 and 3 and also our medium sized dog so i could camp with a friend without having to take our large family tent. So glad i did. This tent was just mega easy to set up on my own (kids never help!) I originally wanted the larger version but it wasnt instock. Fine, this was cheaper. Plenty of room for us. It fits 3 single air beds with a space for a 4th, or in our case the dogs bed. Darkened bedroom was just heaven. I never want to use a tent without it now. The weather on our trip made the news because it was awful, 70mph winds and rained none stop for 5 days. But this tent didnt care! Yes its a touch colder due to the design but the bedroom was toasty and not effected by wind or rain and its totally enclosed. The living area was a bit chilli but you are camping, just wear a jumper. The design at the front is amazing. I managed to have the door open part way with the fly sheet closed and the front porch with the pole stopped the rain coming in, amazing. I agree with all reviews the ground sheet would be 100x better if it was sewn in as it does make it colder than necessary and yes the front does tent to come down letting water in. But once you realise this you just keep an eye on it to make sure it stays up. I put this tent up in the p-ssing down rain, bitter cold winds, terrified it would blow away but it didnt move. I cannot wait to use this again! Tent looks amazing. The ground sheet that come with it are really thick material. I have 3 tents and this is my favourite.

Cold and unstable with wind

After putting the tent up I was initially impressed by the room that this tent offered. After the first night I soon realised that this tent was drafty and cold. Worse than this as soon as the wind increased and the rain came in the tents air beams buckled even with the car parked to break the wind. The section in the porch on the inside is mesh and that allowed all the rain to flow into the tent soaking everything. Our holiday had to be cut short because the tent was unstable and poorly designed.

It’s a warm weather tent

We have now camped twice with this tent. Aug-19 Bank Holiday was very hot and we were very pleased with the tent. The blackout sleeping quarters was both cool and incredible at blocking out light for sleeping in late ion the bright mornings. The fact the ground sheet isn’t seen in wasn’t an issue. Fast forward a year this year Aug-20 B/H the weather was very different. The tent has survived the blaring wind and generally the rain. You need to peg out the front entrance otherwise as we found the first night driving rain pushes it to overlap the ground sheet and we had water in the tent. The biggest issues were it was incredibly drafty. Sew in the ground sheet Decathlon. The second, those mesh screens need a solid Layer too, again we couldn’t open them as it was too windy and drafty. Finally I don’t know why but the zips open in completely opposite directions to any other tent I’ve owned which is mildly annoying. Good for warm weather camping not for cool and damp camping.

Could be perfect

We have purchased this tent at the beginning of summer, and used it 4 times now. It’s easy to put up and down. We’ve used it in some windy conditions and I feel the front needs guy ropes as there is none. On the 6 man on there are guy ropes from the front. The wind catches the tiny porch on pulls at it, resulting in it ripping.

James - 2nd review

I wrote a review a after first putting up the tent, since then I've used the tent on two camping trips. On the first trip it was very hot and the tent was great On the second trip I was by the coast and it was windy and wet. I didn't really have a choice but to put the tent up with the door facing the wind. I would agree with the tent being better suited to warmer climates due to the wind getting through the gaps between the ground sheet and top ventilated ( mesh ) area of the porch. I had some duct tape with me and easily managed to close in some of the gaps between the outer layer and ground sheet ( the tighter you pull the first anchoring pegs when assembling the tent the bigger the gaps will be ) I also covered the top vent with a towel over the middle aluminium beam and two sticks either side to hold it flat. But saying that the bedroom area seems pretty good and keeping out the cold even if the wind does get to the front living area. We are using a cheap awning carpet for now in the front but it would be nice if decathlon made a carpet to fit ;) With a £15 electric heater it's easy to keep the inside nice and warm even in windy wet weather ( if you have the option ) It also rained very heavy on the 2nd trip and we kept perfectly dry. Would be nice if it had another waterproof windows ( tent has one waterproof and 2 big mesh windows ) Looks mint too had many comments on the look of the tent. Hope this helps

Excellent Family Tent

This tent is very easy to put up and take down. The only issue we had is we had to stand on a cool box to put the internal ceiling pole in. It feels very secure and the air beams are sturdy. We love the spacious light feeling of the living area. The bedrooms are nice and dark. If you are looking for privacy in the bedrooms, this tent is not for you. They are divided by a zipped in sheet of material which is left open at the bottom, this was great for us as a family because it meant we could reach through and turn off night lights etc. but it is a token separation of rooms. There are loads of pockets both in the living area and the bedrooms which makes keeping the tent tidy easy. We actually liked the fact that the groundsheet isn’t sewn in because it increases ventilation. It prevented the greenhouse feeling in hot days. We have been lucky with the weather so far so haven’t trialed it in rain yet, but I am not worried about that.

Air tent 5.2

Overall fab tent, but one issue we had was that it was very cold inside when windy, this is due to ground sheet not being attached to sides of tent. It stood the time of plenty of wind and rain in the lake district. Otherwise it's great family tent.

Good tent but delivered a used tent to me

Ordered this online in Nov 2019. Delivery took about a week, if i know it will take this long, i would have just buy it from the store. Worse, upon opening it on my first camping trip, noticed dried grass on the underside of the ground sheet, brown stain on the external surface, pegs with soil. Emailed to Decathlon customer service on 25th Dec, no reply till now. My family has no choice buy use it instead of returning it on that day since we are already at the camp site with all our belongings. The tent itself is great for my family of 5. We love the spacious internal. Outer materials are thick, which is great. Good air flow. We only encountered light rain, even though it has been raining heavily for the past weeks in Dec 2019. Actually i was hoping to test out how this tent would fair in heavy thunderstorm, God has been kind to us.. haha. Decathlon, I paid $700 for this, if you want to give me a refurbished product, at least, clean it thoroughly. And no reply from my email.... support is disappointing, I have been a fan of Decathlon for years.


Dear Vincent,

Thank you for taking time to drop us your valuable feedback on our Inflatable Camping Tent.

We are deeply sorry for the experience you had, it is definitely not right for you to have received the tent in such a condition and do know that I had personally feedback to the relevant store and inform all stores of this issue. We promised that no such incident will happen again.

Please contact me personally as I wish to offer you a solution for the experience you had went through. All you have to do is to drop me a reply and I will contact you shortly.

We are very pleased that you have enjoyed the tent together with your family during your camping trip, the tent is made for that sole purpose of wonderful family camping experience.

We treasure your feedback and your support all these years Vincent, and I apologise again for the previous experience. Rest assured that we will do our best to offer the best sporty experience to all our users.

Looking forward to hearing from you, do not hesitate to reply to me and rest assured I will be following up with you.

Stay healthy and sporty Vincent!

Cheers, Joy ""Hike more, worry less""

Excellent tent

Excellent tent

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase

No more messing with poles...there is one trad tent pole (simple to put into position) for the porch area, but that's it! The whole takes ten mins or so to erect and is super sturdy. We love it!

Great tent!

This tent is fabulous, the ground sheet that is not sewn is not so bad, yes it let's in the wind but we get no condensation or any water from the rain we have had. The only bad thing I can say about this tent is the tubes that fill with air bend inwards in high wings ( 40km/h) and this is with the recommended 7 psi in each tube. Overall great family tent and loads of space.

Great to put up but this is a COLD tent!

I thought the tent was great at first; very easy to put up and the black bedrooms are great (especially the larger first bedroom), however I've owned many tents over the years and one thing I can say for certain is that this tent is COLD. Any breeze at all and inside of the tent feels like you are sat outside. I suspect that this has been designed for the continent where average temperatures are higher but this weekend, with a daytime temp of 25-26 degrees we had to put jumpers and trousers on inside and use blankets as the wind whipped around the inside of the tent. There is no way to stop the breeze - it comes up from the floor (not sewn in groundsheet), it comes through one of the windows (mesh that although can be 'shut' does not velco down so cold comes in), and in the design of the airflow at the top of the tent. I looked at the Berghaus tents around us and noticed all of them have the ability to reduce any breeze. I consider this a major design flaw for UK use and a real shame - especially as the tent was so expensive.

Amazing tent

This tent was better than expected. Setup is easy & packing straight forward. High quality & spacious. Definitely recommended. This makes other campers jealous. Don’t forget to buy the pump.

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First camping trip with new tent

This tent is so easy to put up 10 to 15 minutes maximum and just as easy to pack away due to the generously sized stowage bag. It is very well made with strong zips and quality materials. The blackout sleeping compartment is really good and quite dark but could be improved with a thicker material on the front.The outer ground sheet is excellent and is made from a thick material and it has a good upstand all around. I could give 5 stars for the tent but there is one issue for me. The tent has one see through vinyl window the others are mesh including the top half of the front of the tent. So on cold windy rainy days you either sit inside with the mesh windows covered and only the small window to see out of or have the internal flaps open so you can see out through the mesh but then the wind blows straight through, no problem when its sunny but if your stuck inside when its windy and raining you want to be able to watch the world go by in a bit of comfort. It certainly looks good but in the case of the small angled windows which follow the sweeping colour bands of the design I think function has been replaced with style and for this reason alone I would not buy this tent again. I would however recommend it if the window issue wasn't a problem for you.

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Product information


Main fabric

  • 100% Polyester

Floor mat

  • 100% Polyethylene


  • 100% Glass - Fiber

Carry bag

  • 100% Polyester

Living room

7.9 m² living area with an inner tent height of 2.14 m.This tent has several features:- a basin-shaped ground sheet that can be lifted up at the entrances in case of rain- a transparent window with shutter- a mosquito net window with shutter- storage pockets in the rooms and living room

Pitching and folding

Inflatable all-in-one structure with pre-assembled rooms and double roof.Using our Quechua red 5.2 litre pump with built-in pressure gauge, we advise you to inflate the tubes to 7 PSI pressure.To see this pump, copy the reference 8243066 and paste it into the search engine of our website.

Sun protection

Our Fresh&Black technology is based on a fabric with UPF 50+ sun protection.Warning: be careful, a significant amount of UV can get in through a simple open door.


The ventilated flysheet on the living room lets you ventilate and limit condensation inside your tent. Outside each room is a high ventilation hatch. Inside each room is a large, low ventilation hatch. The living room is equipped with a mosquito net and the bedrooms with high mosquito nets.

Wind resistance

We test all our tents in a wind tunnel on a turntable. The goal is to expose each side of our tent to the same wind intensity.Properly pitched, with the guy ropes properly deployed, this tent remains habitable in wind speed 7, measured at 60 km/h.


We test our tents to validate their waterproofing. The first test is done in the laboratory, for 4 hours under 200 litres of water per hour per m², the equivalent of tropical rain of 200 mm per hour. The second test is done in the field under real conditions by our teams. This tent is fitted with a polyurethane-coated polyester flysheet measuring 2000 mm. It also has seams taped using heat-sealed strips and a 190 g/sqm polyethylene groundsheet.

Size and weight

Rectangular cover | 85 x 35 x 35 cm | 104 litres | 20 kg

Poles and tent pegs

Inflatable poles - All our inflatable poles have a two-layer arch structure: a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) air chamber and a 600-denier polyester cover*.Living room reinforcement - There's an aluminium bar in the living room to stiffen the structure.Tent pegs - All our pegs are made of steel and have a diameter of 6 mm.*600 denier indicates a weight of 600 g for 9 m long.

Sleeping width

The main bedroom in this tent is designed to accommodate up to three mattresses with a width of 70 cm.The small bedroom is designed to accommodate up to two mattresses with a width of 70 cm.

Sleeping width

The main bedroom in this tent is designed to accommodate up to three mattresses with a width of 70 cm.The small bedroom is designed to accommodate up to two mattresses with a width of 70 cm.

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