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Strenfit X500 1 Person Inflatable Kayak

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Strenfit X500 1 Person Inflatable Kayak
We worked with a naval architect to design this inflatable kayak for intermediate kayakers.Tour all day long at sea or on lakes or calm rivers.

The rigid kayak that fits in a backpack, would you believe it?We innovate!Powerful, light, robust and easy to inflate, the strenfit kayak takes you on long distance trips all year round!

A photo of the Strenfit X500 1 Person Inflatable Kayak in use


2 cleverly placed cargo areas to transport up to 125 kg, you included:)

Glide performance

Great sensations!The V-shaped hull limits friction on the water.

Easy assembly / dismantling

Inflate in 10 minutes using a double-action hand pump to 1.5 PSI (1.03 bar)

Sitting comfort

A very dense foam seat suitable for your full day touring.

Anatomic design

Adjust the foot rests to your size in the cockpit area whenever you want.


The coaming lets you use your spray deck so that you can paddle in all seasons


Reinforcements in the areas exposed to friction, leaving you free to paddle.

Quick drying

The kayak is waterproof.Simply dry it with a towel.


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Great, stable and fast!

Honestly I don't understand all these complaints regarding the stability of this kayak. Capsizing after 10m? Really not sure what to say... I've been using this kayak for more than year, at the moment using it pretty much every week on a river (Thames), did also many lake trips with camping etc. Taken it couple times to the sea. All I can say is that this kayak is an absolute rocket, the performance is great, I could easily compete with my friends in the rigit kayaks and even beat them many times due to V-shape of this kayak. Yes, it doesn't feel as stable as flat, sit on top kayak but it really needs a couple minutes to get the balance and get used to it. I have never ever capsized, neither any of my friends that wanted to try it or even people that did the kayaking for a first time in their life! And yes, it's worth to fine the best pressure to pump it up to, based on the weight and additional load, that can help a lot. However, I did most of my trips with the recommended pressure (10bar) and no load and I'm just about 55kg and it was absolutely fine. If you look for kayak that is easy to transport, easy to assemble, has a great performance and looks absolutely great, then I highly recommend this one.

Unstable kayak

I bought this kayak thinking I was going to do some gentle touring around some islands in Thailand. How wrong was I. First day I got every thing set up and took it out only to capsize within 10 meters. I spent the rest of the day trying to get the hang of this kayak to no avail. I have 10 years experience in kayaks on rivers, sea and lakes. This kayak is now for sale after 1 day of use. Don't bother.

Stabile and paddles like a rigid kayak!

I’ve been really pleased with my purchase of the X500, I was really concerned at first having read SO much about issues people are having with stability of this kayak particularly when stationary. Itiwit have made some improvements to their Version 2 (you can check if you have latest version by looking at the strap on the bag and finding the ‘V2’ stamp). I’ve found that with the V2 improvements and by only inflating the floor to 5PSI, which was suggested on a couple of sites, has mean’t I’ve had no issues with stability even when stationary or on a windy day. This kayak is exactly what I’ve been looking for, something inflatable so can easily be stored and transported but that looks and performs like a ‘real’ kayak!

Looks great - feels great!

So impressed ! and four inflation chambers is a good safety feature. Seat and foot rest so simple and effective. (Lost a star rating on weight in bag - sooo heavy to lift so not really not an option to walk far)

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase

I bought this at the beginning of lockdown as a way to unwind. I used to row but fancied a change to Kayaking. I read many reviews and blogs to get a balanced view and took the plunge (not literally).. I use it regularly, at least twice a week on rivers. It is a little tippy when you first get in it and takes a bit of practice to feel confident, but once you keep your core straight it's very stable and I have never had a concern over stability. EVERY TIME I take the kayak out, there is always a curious bystander asking questions, so you have to be pretty adept at getting ready or packing away :) but after a couple of practices in the garden, you won't believe how easy and fast it is. Couple of recommendations: buy the pump that is recommended and also use a towel and dry the kayak as you fold it away to keep the damp away. Just so impressive and I LOVE going out on it everytime without fail.

каяк 2019 x500 itiwit

Good afternoon! Could you explain how the 2019 kayak differs from the 2020 kayak ..... I watched the reviews and people write that the 20 year edition is more stable ... is this true or an exaggeration? )) put 3 ... since I made 15 outputs on it and each time like the first ....))) and another question - in SPb for some reason there were no skirts, size SLS only S ... will they be in the next season ... thanks for your attention! if something is not right, do not be offended by google translator does not always translate correctly ...

Think before buying or wait for improvements.

Having completed a 200km sea tour from Fethiye to Finike in Turkey in a solid plastic sea kayak in a variety of sea conditions I bought the X500 as a more portable alternative for calm seas. The concept of the boat and finish is excellent but the balance is an issue. I was not expecting it to handle like a "solid" sea kayak but I felt very vulnerable even in very calm seas. If you are moving continuously you can handle it but I could never relax to rest or adjust something. The seat was quite comfortable, the way it inflates and deflates is easy to execute and it packs away easily into the backpack which is quite comfortable to carry. Luggage space: there is plenty of room for luggage in the back, but the compartment is not separated from the main area of the boat. So all lugage must be packed very carefully in watertight bags. The idea Itiwit suggest of a top loading pack in front would possibly detract from stability and rolling back up. The area in the nose can be used for water storage etc, but again it is not separated from the main compartment. The lack of separators means the boat takes on much more water in a capsize. Re-entry into the boat from behind after a capsize can be executed but again requires calm conditions. I tried pumping it up only to 7psi as opposed to 10. This did slightly improve the stability but not enough, and of course it did slightly increase the drag on the boat. Having read a variety of reviews I felt maybe it would be OK for me, but sadly I am now returning it to Decathlon. I am sure that in a year or two, with a bit of tweeking, this could end up as an excellent kayak suitable for not just professionals or "well-balanced" individuals.

Not tippy

I was intermediate, about thirty years ago. Like many this year I returned to kayaking. I used two inflatable Explorer £100-150 entry level kayaks, flat bottom, super easy, super stable. Outgrew them in about a month, got tired of them bursting too. This kayak got poor reviews by a lot of folks, tippy this tippy that, so I had it in my basket twice but was put off. Finally bought it back in June and used it 5 x a week for two months for an hour at a time. And it is not tippy. It would feel unstable if all you've ever known is a flat bottom inflatable. It paddles like any other curved hull kayak. Great on a loch, flatish sea. Doesn't need a skeg. The seat is uncomfortable, but after a week I got used to it, guess it was my poor technique. The spray deck is a must. 3mins to inflate, pretty easy to pack. Sure it's heavy, but it make me chuckle when other kayakers paddle up and tap my hull asking if it's an inflatable. Full disclosure. my seal btw the orange nose and light gray v pealed after two weeks of daily use. for this price I was miffed. so I sent a photo, and customer services agreed to replace. Alas they refunded and I had to wait five weeks for a replacement. If it happens again I leave a one star review on the next one, these things happen. On balance, I love it and it's far from a toy.

Itiwit x500 dropstitch kayak

Received the kayak yesterday and tried it out on the Cuckmere meanders this morning for a couple of hours. I was a little nervous because of it’s reputation for being tippy and my previous experience being six months on a SOT kayak. However I experienced no stability issues and loved the way the kayak handled and it’s turn of speed. I did practice on a balance ball before buying the kayak, so I don’t know if this helped. The kayak seems extremely well made and looks fantastic.

For sports, not for touring, bad valves

Valves difficult to operate, the advantage of quick filling lost. No stability, you keep you balance with the paddle and going fast. Stop to take photographs and you end up swimming with your camera. No straps to secure the paddle. I don't find the cayak heavy compared to others. The technological innovation is good, but they need to find better valves and make a touring version with better stability. Now you cannot let your friends try it or it will end up bad.


We are sorry that the experience with this kayak was not really positive. We work hard to offer our sportsmen and women quality products and your feedback will help us to improve the quality of this product. 
To improve the stability of your kayak, you can inflate the bottom to 5PSI instead of 10PSI it will naturally flatten, the kayak will be deeper in the water, therefore more stable. It is also possible to load the kayak so that it sinks deeper.
We hope to see you soon at Decathlon.
Best regards,
Team Decathlon
Impressed so far but not with customer service

Before getting this kayak I read all the reviews and so was expecting something more lively than the standard sit on top models I have been using up to now. I got thrown out twice in the first five minutes but shouldn't have been surprised. I have now read up on primary and secondary stability and would say that this kayak is spot on. Stable kayaks are like riding tricycles and tippy kayaks are like bikes - you have to learn how to ride them. I took sensible precautions and practiced getting back into the kayak in deep water. This is almost impossible as demonstrated in the Decathlon video but using a paddle float with the other paddle blade going through the front side strap and onto the bow you get a pretty decent outrigger. I also have a bilge pump as the kayak is a single volume construction and fills with water. The only issue is that the seat floats when flooded - you need to attach the seat with some sort of strap or you could lose it completely out at sea! Being able to get back in gave me the confidence to progress. I have now practised everything except rolling (next challenge) and have been out in choppy conditions and force 4 winds. It is fairly easy to keep on track and it goes well. I am very pleased with the performance so far. I am not so pleased with the customer services. I was unlucky enough to puncture the hull (my fault...oops) but the glue for the patches is not supplied in the kit and is not available online. On reading the specs on the website there is a MAJOR issue with the materials description. For the 1 person it is marked 95%polyethelene and the 2 place marked PVC. Which one is right? The adhesive for one does not work with the other and going out 1km offshore could prove fatal. I have still not had a response from the technical team and need to repair the kayak so I can get out on the water. The shops don't know and customer services don't know! The boat gets a 5 star review from me but the customer service brings that back to 3 stars as they only deserve 1. Come on Decathlon Customer Services- get your act together. I have been a fan of your products for over 20 years and you are letting the side down!

Dear Peter,

Firstly, we apologise for the uncomfortable product experience created by our product. We take great care to ensure that important matters such as this are properly managed. The issue has been already passed to the production line and we will keep striving for the best on the quality issue.

Due to the safety issue, the inflammable product including the glue is prohibited to sell in our store so as the repairing kit doesn' t know include the glue. 

For the materials of the kayak, the drop stitch in between the skin of the kayak is made of double layers of PVC, for the skin and other parts are made of Polyethylene and 5% of Polyester. 

In addition, may we understand more about the adhesive one which may cause fatal when offshore 1km? It would be great if we can gain more information and provide better assistance on this issue.

Once again, we would like to apologise for the inconvenience created by the related product. 

You are welcome to visit Tseung Kwan O Store for the maintenance service once you become the member.
Address: 3/F, TKO Spot, 2 Tong Ming St, MTR: Exit A1, Tseung Kwan OPhone number: 9165 9233

Thank you for your support and wish to see you again soon.

Should you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Kayaking Sports Leader - Natalie Yiu via for further assistance.

Stay healthy.

Alyson Ng
Decathlon Hong Kong Watersports Team (Service & B2B)
Very happy with the tradeoffs this kayak

There are a lot of things to be loved in this kayak, and there are also a few tradeoffs. Stability : this kayak is tippy, but I didn’t find this as problematic as other people did and could manage it pretty quickly. To me, the hardest is to get in and out from a pier, but still very doable. The bright side is that this kayak is as fast a normal hard shell one, thanks to the V shape haul and the high pressure of the chambers. Compared to my previous very stable inflatable kayak, I probably go twice as fast. As others stated, not inflating the main chamber to the max 10 psi also helps to lower the learning curve. Portability : the bag is a bit bigger and a bit heavier than I first tough. It does fold easily and the compact storage size is clearly a big positive point. The bag is big enough to add the pump, the paddles and a PFD. But getting around with it, if you don’t have a car, isn’t as convenient as I wished. I am able to bike with it on my back, but I do recognize that not everyone will be able to sustain such a weight on long distances. If you have a car with a few passengers, the main issue will be the space it takes in your trunk. Durability and price : at this price, I do hope to keep this kayak for a few years. The quality and the material seems nice, which is the same then the paddleboard decathlon sells. Others : I wish this kayak had a watertight compartment like most hardshell kayaks offers, but the back part isn’t close from the cabin, so water get in if you aren’t using a skirt. You might want to buy a waterproof bag. Also, at that price point (which makes it one of the most expensive options), I would have found it nice to include a paddle, the skirt and/or the pump, which aren’t. Conclusion : if portability, storage and performance are your main criteria, I truly believe this product is a game changer and absolutely value the high price. If you are beginning in Kayaking, maybe you would prefer to check a cheaper and more stable option. If portability and storage are no issue, then a hard shell kayak is probably still better for you until the price of those goes down. I am still giving 5 stars because this product is totally fulfilling my needs.

Unstable and dangerous

I’ve been kayaking since I was 11. Im 30. I’ve sat in flat bottomed and “tippy” kayaks alike. In sea, rivers, estuaries, white water, etc. I kayak 30 miles normally for 8 hours. I was looking forward to doing so in this! It’s heavy - I doubt you’d be able to use this as a rucksack but it stores away nicely. Took this out this week on holiday and it’s nothing short of bloody dangerous! It tracks beautifully but pointless when it capsizes every 5 mins! There is daylight between the bottom of the sides underneath the coaming even at 5psi on the bottom. Fine for a racing kayak, absolutely pointless for a tourer where you want to rest and coast along. You absolutely cannot stop paddling. I’ll be returning this ASAP.

Professional use only !!

Bought this and returned ! Extremely tippy! Capsised 5 times impossible to re-enter from water and fills quickly with water. Extremely hard to control. Beautiful boat! Fantastic quality but not for the faint hearted

Not fit for purpose

Had to take it back after a month, wearing really badly on the folds for putting it away and nowhere near as robust as it was made out to be. Skirt was practically impossible to fit on. Very disappointing considering the cost.

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Product information


Main fabric

  • 100% Polyvinyl Chloride - Phtalate Free

Inside shell - Main fabric

  • 100% Polyester

Foam part

  • 100% Polyethylene

How big is it?how heavy is it?

"When the kayak is inflated:> length:380 cm> width:64 cmWhen stored in its bag:> height:94 cm> width:50 cm> thickness:27 cm> full weight:18 kg (16 kayak Dimensions of the bag) + 2 hatch storage: 60 cm

An innovation, and a patent pending!

The initial idea?Design our dream kayak: a high-performance inflatable kayak that you can take everywhere with your backpack, in short:Freedom!To do that, 30 months of design and development, 7 prototypes - which we call "monsters" here - were necessary.The main challenge:to add rigidity, performance to an inflatable kayak.And so we have patented the unique cutting and assembly of the materials used.

Why a rigid inflatable kayak?

"We listened to the kayakers:""I have a good level in kayaking and I want an inflatable kayak that has the same performance as a rigid kayak"", ""I want to go kayaking using public transport."", "" Inflatable kayaks are nice but I want a kayak that is goes fast!""It was therefore necessary to design an easily transportable and efficient kayak, in short innovative."

Marc ronet, naval architect tells us about the adventure with decathlon:

"My work involved defining the overall geometry of the kayak, its general balance.When the Itiwit team called me, I was surprised but very interested.And it was also thanks to our common passion for kayaking.We were able to share our respective knowledge.It's been a great experience!"

Why the name "kayak x500 dropstitch"?

""Dropstitch"" is a material.Two layers of PVC are connected by thousands of nylon threads.When inflated to high pressure, these threads tighten and create a rigid volume, which prevents the kayak from loosing its shape.This is what makes our inflatable kayak extremely rigid but easy to store in a backpack once deflated."

How was the design worked?

A real teamwork with the engineer, the architect and the product manager.Emmanuelle designed the product based on its technical constraints.We can speak of functional lines.The dark grey corresponds to the paddling area, light grey for the loading area and orange for visibility.

How to inflate and mount the kayak?

"1. 1. Inflate the main chamber (floor), then the intermediate chambers (walls), followed by the small chambers (arches).All the volumes are inflated to 10 PSI max (0.7 bar).2. You can insert the foot-rests on the flexible guides, push them inside the kayak, and adjust to your leg length with the buckle.3. 3. Position the seat by fitting it onto the shims provided.4. Position the backrests under the coaming.We recommend the HP Itiwit twin-action hand pump (8387655), not supplied."

How to disassemble and deflate the kayak?

"You'll see it's quite simple!1. Make sure the folding surface is clean.2. Remove the seat.3. Remove the foot rests4.Deflate the kayak by removing the cap and pressing the valve.(Leave the valve in the open position for air to escape)5.Tuck in the hatch and start folding lengthways."

How to fold it up to put it in the bag?

"1. We recommend placing the canvas of the bridge inside the fold.2. Fold the keel over its entire length.This fold ensures that the width of the kayak is the same as that of the bag.3. Fold each end towards the inside of the kayak and line up the ends with the Itiwit logo.4. Slot the seat in the last fold of the kayak and finish expelling air from the kayak by pressing on it.5. Finishing step: strap the kayak (a good strap makes it easier to put it in the bag)."

What if the kayak is pierced?

"It would take something sharp to make that happen. If so, the kayak is composed of 5 independent "air chambers". 1 or 2 of punctures? The kayak floats enough to make it back to the shore safely.To preserve the life expectancy of your kayak, we advise you to avoid contact with oyster shells and sharp reefs."

The team offers their tips for your comfort ...

"Olivier takes care of the stock at Itiwit.Like the whole team, he is passionate about kayaking.His advice:""To make the most of it, really take the time to sit in the middle to balance yourself, to adjust your foot rests.Once you are comfortable, off you go.""Nico is a product engineer, his thing is to always leave with dry clothes in a small waterproof bag.You can place it in the front of the kayak for easy access."

What does the kayak bag contain?

"The kit comprises:- the backpack- the kayak- the seat- the foot rests- a repair kitIt does not contain a spray deck.The kayak is compatible with the Itiwit spray deck code:8543915."

Directions for use.

We recommend that you practise with a buoyancy vest.

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