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Our team of enthusiasts has developed this kayak for beginners for solo or tandem touring for 2 to 3 hours in calm waters

A sturdy inflatable canoe/kayak with high-pressure Dropstitch floor and two raised adult seats for good paddling comfort.A good compromise between stability and performance.



For 1 to 2 people, up to a maximum of 150 kg (331 lbs).

Easy assembly / dismantling

Inflates in 8 minutes with a dual action hand pump.


Side tubes and a wide inflatable floor for good stability.

Glide performance

The bow shape gives the kayak good glide performance.3 keels.

Sitting comfort

Raised seat for comfort when at rest and when paddling.


Dropstitch floor.Tarpaulin side tubes with pressure relief valves

Quick drying

Its tarpaulin construction allows faster drying.


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10 Reviews
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Great inflatable kayak

Super easy to move with the back pack style straps, compact for storage, good quality and great on the water! Highly recommended.

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Good quality and affordable inflatable kayak

Good quality inflatable kayak, easy to clean, pack and store away

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Hi Mr Jeremy,


I am delighted to find you're happy with this product. Yes, you are right! This product is a good quality inflatable kayak, easy to clean, pack and store away.

This touring kayak is easy to assemble an dismantle. It only takes 8 minutes to inflates with a dual action hand pump. It is also quick drying after usage as its tarpaulin construction allows faster drying.

I hope you enjoy your purchase with us and hope to see you around at Decathlon soon! :)

Best Regards,


Sports Advisor

Not worth the money

First of all it doesn't come with pump or paddles which adds up. For the price you think they would be included. You need a different pump for the seats. For the price it's definitely not robust either as I got a small pin hole on second day out. Only good thing about this is the hard floor. I ended up returning.


Bought this kayak about a week ago. Tried it out at sea after a few days. Stable and quite easy to maneuver. Have lots of fun with it. Except for the velcro lining, it dry easily just by wiping with cloth or towel. Just for sharing, sea water will corrode anything it touches. Remember to rinse the kayak with tap water after use.


Hi Ali,

Thank you for taking the time to review our products. We are pleased to hear you enjoy using this X100+ INFLATABLE HIGH-PRESSURE DROP STITCH FLOOR 2-PERSON TOURING KAYAK!

We look forward to more of your reviews and sharing! Plus, the new Decathlon app has been launched and you can now purchase all your favourite sports goods with just a few clicks on your smartphone! Yes, it's now available both in the App store and Google Play Store! Download now and happy shopping!

Thank you for your support and stay safe! :)

Mountain Forever!


Sport Leader Outdoor.

Customer service amazing and kayak also excellent

I dealt with Raymond at the Central store in HK and i was blown away by the helpful service. It was amazing, from the kayak advice to the help with delivery. He was so helpful and his recommendation of the X100 was definitely correct. I took i took it out for it's first voyage and it was truly easy to use and performed brilliantly. Thoroughly recommend both Decathlon and the kayak!

Maiden voyage, really happy

Picked up from store last week and took for maiden voyage at the weekend, just me on a solo. Carried on my back for half mile in the carry case and was comfortable enough and secure. I already had a pump which had a suitable adapter for floor and sides although did not work on seats. But I simply blew my seat up using lung power. And I have to say, it was no effort at all. Of course, I couldn't check pressure but it was firm and comfortable to sit on. Took me around 15 minutes to get on water but this was my first time and will probably be less than 10 minutes next time. I'm not a kayaker as such, but it paddled well enough. Seemed fairly straight and fast enough. When I got out of rougher patches of water, stability was good but it did make it a little slower than several hard shell kayaks that past me. That's not a criticism, I expected that, just an observation. Was out for close to 3 hours, paddling and just floating. Sat sideways at some points with feet over side in the cold water. Very comfy and no stability issue like that either. It was harder to pack away once back but I did it ok to transport back to van. Once home, took it out and rinsed off. Very quick and easy and it was dry shortly after - it was very hot though. Took a bit more time to pack away this time and used deflation valve on pump. It was a cinch and packed as small as when new out of the bag. Next journey hopefully with wife and dog. But very happy so far.

So far, so good!

I'm very happy after taking HMS Twit out for her maiden voyage. It seems well made and feels very stable thanks to the drop stitch floor. It tracks pretty well for a flat bottom boat too. Unlike some fabric coated kayaks it's very quick to wash and dry too - worth the upgrade.

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Very impressed

Decided to buy inflatables after having owned rigid sit on top kayaks, due mainly to ease of transport and storage. No complaints so far, easy to inflate and deflate in about 5 minutes. Kayaks are easy to control and track well, better than I expected them to. Very stable and comfortable. More susceptible to the effects of a strong breeze than a rigid boat but this is to be expected given their lightweight nature. Highly recommended.

Itiwit +100 inflatable kayak

Like to start off with, I've had dozens of kayaks and inflatable boats over the years. Some were too heavy or not stable or folded in the middle, were a night mare to dry off or very slow on the water. I bought this to solo paddle but it does take two. Perhaps not my size at 6'8" and 23 stone. Oen my own this is great. This is a fantastic inflatable kayak, super stable, very manouvreable but also tracks straight readily. Its light enough to carry easily on your own either on your head or with a carry strap, not provided, when inflated. There are four handles, front and rear and on both sides. Its appearance doesnt give the impression but kayak glides well, I put it down to the drop stitch high pressure floor. It took me about ten minutes from getting the kayak out of the bag and onto the water and the bag is easy to carry and store. Get a good pump though. Not quite as easy to get it all back in the bag and that was the only real negative. This wee kayak surprised me no end to the good, down a shallow river then out onto Lake Windamere it performed great. Would recommend this over and over.

buyer beware! 2 different pumps required!

This should be a 4 or 5 star review, but because of one glaring issue I can't give it a higher rating. So they don't tell you this in the store, and maybe the employees just don't know, but their typical "kayak pump" doesn't attach to the sides and floor, so you have to use the SUP pump, but that pump doesn't come with the attachment to inflate the seats. The seats are made of a heavy duty rubber, which is good, but makes it really hard to manually inflate. It seems ridiculous that they would make a product that requires you to buy their proprietary pump separately, but then not have all the proper attachments for it. This seems like an easy fix as well. Very disappointing! I will say after some back and forth with the store they did give me a free pump for my seats though, so good job on customer service, after the fact. As far as the boat goes I took it out and set up took a surprisingly little amount of time, the boat tracks well and felt durable. I tried to see how much it would heel over, and it barely moved. I put in and took out a dock, so I don't know how it would manage with rocks or beach. The full rubber makes it easier to clean off and dry off for storage. I had to add my own painter, but the handles at the front back were sturdy enough to hold it.

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Product information



  • 20% Polyvinyl Chloride
  • 80% Polyester

Floor mat

  • 20% Polyvinyl Chloride - Phtalate Free
  • 80% Polyester

Carry bag

  • 100% Polyester

Technical dimensions and weights.

INFLATED SIZELength: 365 cmWidth:103 cmFOLDED & BAGGED SIZEHeight:67 cmWidth:40 cmThickness:30 cmWeight:16 kgMaximum floor pressure:0.34 bar (5 psi)Side tube and seat pressure:0.2 bar (3 psi)Number of seats:1 or 2 seatsContent:kayak, bag, repair kit, 3 fins, user guide, inflation connector, strap.PUMP NOT INCLUDEDFor use with an Itiwit double-action hand pump with adapters

Inflation tips and floor positioning

Connect the ITIWIT pump (sold separately) by twisting the pump adapter 1/4 turn and inflate the floor to 5 psi.Finish by screwing the cap back on.Put the floor inside the kayak and strap it at the ends.The floor valve must be aligned with the side tube valves located at the back of the kayak.The floor's position must allow free access to the drain plugs located in the middle of the kayak.

Side tube and seat inflation tips

Connect the ITIWIT pump (sold separately) by twisting the pump adapter 1/4 turn and inflate the side tubes to 3 psi.Finish by screwing the cap back on.Each side tube has a pressure relief valve.Its purpose is to evacuate excess air resulting from over-inflation.When this happens, you may notice a hissing sound.This hissing sound is normal, it can also occur during prolonged exposure to the sun.It will stop once the kayak reaches the correct internal pressure.

Seat comfort and positioning.

The seats are high, providing increased comfort for adults in the paddling position.Position the seats on the floor using the velcro areas located under the seat and on the floor.Stow any bags or equipment into the kayak's rear hatch or attach to the rear deck.The boat is ready to be launched.

Glide performance

Thanks to the stiffness of the Dropstitch floor

Maintenance advice

Remove the seats and slightly deflate the floor to make it easier to rinse out.Rinse the kayak, bottom and seats with clean water after each use to avoid damage from sand, salt water and sun.Open the drain plugs located in the middle of the kayak and at the rear.Tip the kayak to empty out the water.

Disassembly & folding

Make sure that the surface you intend to fold the kayak on is clean. Remove the fins.Deflate the side bladders.The valves are located at the back of the kayak.WARNING:Do not unscrew the pressure relief valves at the front.Fold the floor.Fold the rest of the kayak in half lengthwise.Flatten the front fin base.Lay the rolled floor on the front end.Roll the kayak to the rear end.Strap the kayak.


Once dry and clean, the kayak should be stored in a dry and shady place, protected from significant temperature changes.The kayak can be stored folded but if you have enough space, storing it flat and slightly inflated will extend its life.

After-sales service

Spare parts are available for Itiwit X100+ kayaks from after-sales service.Visit the workshop at your nearest Decathlon store to collect or order some.Dropstitch floor:8561068Pressure relief valve:8561069Carry bag:8561073Paddle rip-tab:8561070

Directions for use.

We recommend that you practice with a buoyancy vest.


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